"Enhancing Your Fans' & Brands' Experience"


CaptivateX is an immersive and digital marketing company. We are at the intersection of brand strategy, customer experience, design and technology.

We work with you to bring your brands to life. We understand that modern brand narrative emerges from the fusion of key moments. In today’s world, your brand story and vision come to life through the impressions you make when those emotions are laced together.

That’s why we take an integrated approach to crafting every expression of your brand. When the experience is the brand, we take immense care in precisely executing your message and delivering the interaction and emotion your brand desires.


Our services provide you with a suite of options to push the immersion to another level and to drive the conversation and interactivity with your consumers – whether the goal is to entertain, educate, train, or merely enjoy the brand experience.   

Immersive Entertainment. This strategy provides deep absorption or immersion in an engaging environment and driven solely by the consumer’s choice. If your goal is to entertain your audience and to acquire new consumers through the delivery of relevant, timely immersive content, this service is for you. Our content strategy and digital platform create the right combination of knowledge and engagement that invites consumers of all ages to participate into this gamified activation. The hallmark of this type of advertising is voluntary participation done so within a captive environment (concerts, movie theatres, theme parks, etc.). We enhance the interaction by having participants compete for awards, prizes and move to test their knowledge of your brand. In return, your organization gets an audience to interact with your brand, raising awareness, building brand equity and driving the best type of advertising: word-of-mouth.

Zayda Marrie, Vice President of CaptivateX

Experiential Events. Experiential Events invite audiences to interact with your brand in a real-world and entertaining situation. Using participatory, hands-on, and tangible branding material, your organization can show your customers not just what the company offers, but what it stands for. The take-away is to stimulate a feel-good sensation for the consumer with the brand! This strategy allows your brand to drive traffic and participation centered around your focused event, whether the purpose is to introduce a new service, launch a product, mobilize a cause or just celebrate and rally consumers around a topic that matters to them and to your brand.

Zayda Marrie, Vice President of CaptivateX

Interactive Training. This modern-day learning approach brings digital tools to the classroom—whether classmates are sitting next to you, or in a virtual setting. If you have knowledge that needs to be tested, our platform cleverly deploys questions to do just that, while making the interaction fun, engaging and memorable. The advantages of interactive training, carefully crafted with educational and entertaining content, provides enjoyment, instant feedback, and bridges gaps between head-knowledge and application. Even corporate partners can sponsor the experience! 

Interactive Training

Business Intelligence and Analytics. With digital and social activities being widespread and ubiquitous, there is no shortage of data. But the focus should be on getting meaningful data.  Basing large marketing expenditure decisions solely on digital analytics is risky. However, when digital data is combined with participatory data from events and activations, a much more holistic view of target consumers emerges. Both sources of data fuels insights into each strategy: event strategy and digital campaigns. This combination prepares your marketing teams for a more focused campaign execution, builds more contextual content to personalize the experience even more than before, and has the ability to accelerate sales cycles, increase engagement and drive more loyalty. CaptivateX provides CMOs with the right information to make marketing more effective and efficient.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Technology Enabled Marketing. We have a suite of accelerators that offer CMOs the ability to deploy unique services for their brands or their clients’ brands. We leverage gamification, robotics and analytics to capture the necessary knowledge to help deploy your strategy more quickly and efficiently.

Technology Enabled Marketing

Below is a list of areas we can specifically help you with.

  • Onboard new employees faster
  • Deliver Sales Contests that elevate sales performance
  • Deliver simulated training experiences using robots and gamified apps
  • Team Building experiences to collaborate across departments, companies, or around the world.
Across all of these services, CaptivateX steps in to handle any one or all aspects of the marketing support: set marketing strategy, develop content, bring forth creative design, lay out plans, project manage and even handle the execution for you. We take the lead from you, working as an extension of your team and providing support throughout the entire engagement.